OCD Experience Prototype

Understanding and designing for people with OCD using experience prototypes.

I shadowed, interviewed and prototyped the experience of living with OCD. Then I came up with a product concept that aims to help people with OCD. 


Indoor Climate Visualization

Using visualization as a probe to understand people's perception of indoor climate.


Raheem (formerly SWAT)

Raheem aims to be the first police rating and experience tracking tool available to civic leaders and communities.  

For four months in 2016, I provided pro bono design help on UX strategy, user research, interaction design, visual design a bit of project management (weekly meetings plus cat herding).  



Digital Service to stop antidepressant

BetterOff is a Danish startup with a social profile developing digital tools to support people who wish to stop using antidepressants. 

I provided pro bono design consulting on ideation and prototyping for about six months in 2013. 



Digital arts

Digital fungus is an interactive organism which reacts to light and movements in the physical environment.