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Hello! My name is Caroline. I am a designer, dancer, musician, nature-based youth mentor and generally a curious human being. Currently, I am at YLabs designing services and products that improve young people's health.

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Hello! My name is Caroline. I wear designer and researcher hats and I love to help organizations create delightful and viable products from inception to implementation. What that really means is, I help teams make sure we are asking the right questions during the conceptual phase, and iterate the design until we hit a sweet spot with the business requirements and users' needs. 

I believe that in order to create meaningful and pleasurable design, we have to first understand people and their contexts. I love working on the ground to understand the needs and aspirations of real people, as well as creating tangible design concepts based on those insights. 

Several years ago, I stumbled upon what is now widely known as the user experience field. With experience in data analytics (BSc in Statistics) and at a management consultancy, I realized I was able to understand patterns in our environment (ex: what are people doing), but not the cause of them (ex: why are people doing that). I felt the urge to tackle problems from a more holistic, human-centered approach, and I wanted to be able to develop relevant solutions as well. That was one of the reasons that I returned to graduate school and completed my MSc in IT Product Design at the University of Southern Denmark, an environment encouraging design thinking and participatory innovation. 

My curiosity and eagerness for new design opportunities have led me to do design work in Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Kenya, and in the last couple of years I have been enjoying the endless design possibilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have also lived in Hong Kong and I grew up in the beautiful raincity Vancouver, Canada. So far I have lived in 7 countries and have traveled to 30+. 

Design, dance, and music are my expressions and my craft. Exploring nature, meeting new people and traveling are sources of my inspirations. Currently, I am at YLabs designing services and products that improve young people's health. I am also mentoring young girls with an amazing organization called Gaia Girls Passage. I am passionate about helping youths remember their connection with the natural world and cultivate social and emotional intelligence. 


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I am currently open to interesting projects as an experience designer or researcher. If you think we might be a good fit, please feel free to simply drop me a line!


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