Purchase journey diary study

This diary study helps the team gain understanding of the underserved needs and pain points throughout customer's shopping journey. 

I led the end-to-end research including creating the proposal, recruiting, designing and conducting the study, and workshop facilitation.



The product helps clinical operations teams to ensure clinical trials are on time and on budget.

I led the UX, user research, visual design, and I worked with developers to ship the 2.0 version.



Clinical data alert helps the operations team monitor and analyze clinical trial data so that they can stay proactive and reduce risks.

I collaborated on the UX, user research, visual design, and I worked with a team of developers to ship this product.



SpaTravlr is a platform that collaborates with wellness service vendors and sells wellness travel packages. 

I gathered requirements, guided the user research, and led the UX design.


Feat — make learning fun

FeatApp makes job training fun and rewarding for employees.

I gathered requirements and led the UX design for a new product concept, providing employees an engaging training experience.


Ruby Cup Design Research

Researching eco-design strategy through a deep understanding of menstrual cup users.

I conducted design ethnography and co-design workshop activities to help the company understand the core needs of its customers. I prototyped three design concepts and validated them with evaluative research. 


OCD Experience Prototype

Understanding and designing for people with OCD using experience prototypes.

I shadowed, interviewed and prototyped the experience of living with OCD. Then I designed a product concept that aims to help people with OCD.